Yes, I’m a Twit… 7 Twitter tools!

Managing Twitter

Hootsuite is my app of choice on the desktop. Lists, searches, and support for real-time make it useful and helpful,  Owly my URL shortener of choice provides useful statistics on actual clickthroughs for information you share.  It will also show your most popular tweets, retweets, and geographical audience.

Want to annoy people with auto-direct messages? Want to automatically follow back anyone who follows you? SocialOomph will do this for you and do it quite well, even in the free version.

Going down the route of social CRM? Twitter for Salesforce, an app in the AppExchange, is insanely powerful. Prospect from conversations, searches, replies, and direct messages, then have your activity automatically appended to lead records, ensuring accountability and effectiveness.

Removing Slackers is a useful service for identifying people like the JTMarCom  Twitter account, slackers who don’t tweet and aren’t contributing to the conversation in any meaningful way.

Measuring Stuff

Lots of people place great importance on Twitter numbers that are completely bogus. Here’s a few that we think are fun but not necessarily super important, and some that really move the needle.

TwitterCounter tells you how many people are following you and vice versa. For people in advertising, consider this your first degree of audience reach. gives “influence scores” to Twitter users based on audience size and audience behavior You can also see how your own Twitter account and competitors’ accounts compare.

TweetReach is a service that attempts to measure how many people saw a tweet, hashtag, or other piece of content. Put in a hashtag, username, or other piece of relatively trackable text, and it’ll show you the theoretical maximum audience for it.

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