About JTMarCom

JTMarCom provides clients very personalized service from 25-year marketing communications veteran John Taylor and Christine Taylor who has extensive experience in sales, marketing and entrepreneurship.

John focuses on all things PR, including media relations, crisis communications and executive visibility, as well as other traditional marketing disciplines. Christine helps clients take a strategic approach to Web 2.0 and utilize ever-expanding social media tools to strengthen their brands and make valuable business connections.

As needs dictate, John and Christine call on some very talented friends to provide JTMarCom clients the offerings of a full-service, integrated marketing agency, including research, graphic design, website development, video/audio production and promotional merchandise.

The common thread in everything we do is helping our clients achieve their business objectives through measurable, impactful marketing communications.

JTMarCom offers these distinct advantages:

  • What you see is what you get – In too many instances, an agency will bring in their big guns for the pitch but then assign a rotating door of junior staffers to actually work the account. With JTMarCom, you work with seasoned marketing professionals every step of the way – from strategic development through execution.
  • Social Media for Main Street – Social Media Marketing shouldn’t be the sole realm of celebrities and multi-national brands. JTMarCom’s Social Media model enables even small businesses to cost-effectively build their customer base, increase their Google Quotient and enhance their brands through increasingly powerful platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.
  • Flexibility provides value – JTMarCom is a “virtual agency” with much, much less overhead than typical shops. This lean business model gives our clients tremendous value for their marketing dollar.