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Five Reasons to Use Social Media

If you’re on the fence about using social media websites like Twitter or Facebook to help brand yourself or your company, you’re not alone. While formal social media training may help your marketing strategy in the long run, these tips should give you a basic understanding of social media benefits and how a strong social media presence can greatly increase ROI and brand awareness.

While thousands of companies are already on the social media bandwagon, it’s never too late to start your social media efforts. Five key reasons to use social media include:

Whether you have four or 40 years of experience, social media allows you to brand yourself as an industry expert. By offering compelling content, relevant links and substantial statistics, you’ll create a following of loyal enthusiasts. The benefit of followers? The more you have, the more likely it is that they’ll repost or link to your content. In other words, they’ll do your marketing for you.

More than likely, you have at least one customer using social media. If you’re not there to promote your products or services, you’re missing a big opportunity to establish yourself and your brand. If you’ve launched print marketing campaigns in the past, it’s time to extend your reach to your potential customers who spend time online, specifically on popular social media websites.

  • Your Competitors are There

If knowing that your current and potential customers are using social media doesn’t motivate you to start a social media campaign, perhaps the fact that your competitors are there to steal them away, will.  Without a substantial social media presence, you’re losing branding opportunities to other companies who are active and take the time to craft fresh content on a regular basis. They might even have blogs with hundreds (or thousands) of followers.

  • Reputation Management

Companies are recognizing the impact that social media has on building relationships and communicating to wide audiences. By engaging users via internal communications, education and charitable pages, businesses have been able to expand their reach and create or repair reputations. Many companies have used social media for damage control; when bad press threatens sales and public perception, social media is often the first place a marketing team goes to reach a wide audience – instantly.

  • Smartphones Make it Easy

Through smartphones, you have the ability to reach your audience anytime, anywhere. Consumers can opt to receive instant messages from your social media platforms, as well as watch your commercials and download mobile apps. The technology in smartphones continues to improve, thus opening up even more opportunities for you to reach customers.

Once you initiate your social media campaign, make sure to rotate your content regularly; you need to keep your viewers interested and position yourself or your company as the go-to expert in your industry. Before long, you could develop a substantial following and garner national (even global) interest in your knowledge, products or services.

This guest post was provided by University Alliance and submitted on behalf of University of San Francisco.  In addition to social media training, USF also offers other digital marketing courses such as SEO training, mobile marketing, and more which are all taught by leading industry experts.


I stalked Chris Brogan:)

T-shirtThis is an image off of a t-shirt my husband John bought me as a joke from Despair.com. I thought it was pretty funny.  It captures  brilliantly the three behavioral disorders propelling the continued phenomenal growth of today’s most widely-trafficked social media sites. And the personality dysfunctional forces of Narcissism, ADHD, and Stalking  that reside today’s in the fast growing area of social media.

As a social media practitioner I freely admitted to the ADHD, (not a bad trait for a multi-tasker). Narcisissim not so much, but I must admit I do like it when my posts are re-tweeted. ( I call it being informative.) But I didn’t get the Stalking category.

I do Now. I am a big fan of Chris Brogan and read his blog eagerly every morning as I drink  my coffee. When I heard that his book “Trust Agents” needed a launch push and he offered to be a speaker for anyone willing to buy 200 books. I jumped at the chance.  I pulled out my credit card and bam, I had 200 books.

Then the shock set in. How was I going to move 200 books? Well the Nashville tech community came to the rescue.  Lynn Bennett at Stage Post Studios offered to host the event. Social Media Club of Nashville (who JTMarCom is donating some of the proceeds to) has helped promote the event with Jessica Murray and Georgia Cross of SMCNash helping any way they can. And most of all, Chris Brogan and his great mother Diane Brogan have helped pull this all together.

Below is our press release: Three days and counting. I am nervous and excited. We could not have done this without many fine people involved.

It’s not too late to sign up HERE for the live portion of the event and if you live elsewhere please tune in HERE to the  Free Video Web Cast provided by Author’s Way.


In their new New York Times best-selling book, “Trust Agents” co-authors Chris Brogan and Julien Smith make the case that the Internet has made it easier than ever to reach your customers.  It’s less likely, however, that they’ll listen.  Today, the most valuable online currency isn’t the dollar, but trust itself.

In the video streaming webinar, Brogan will discuss how social networks and personal connections have far more influence on consumers than a company’s marketing messages ever well –unless your business knows how to harness them.  He will provide valuable insights on how to tap into the power of these networks to build your brand’s influence, reputation, and profits.

Brogan contends that trust agents aren’t necessarily marketers or salespeople; they’re digitally savvy people who use the Web to humanize businesses using transparency, honesty, and genuine relationships.  As a result, they wield enough online influence to build up or bring down a business’s reputation.

During the first two hours of the webinar (10 a.m. to 12 noon EST), Brogan will discuss how to build profitable relationships with trust agents and his six basic principles for becoming a trust agent yourself.

During the final hour of the webinar (12 noon to 1 p.m. EST), audience members will have the opportunity to pose questions to Brogan  via phone, Twitter and email.  He will respond to as many questions time permitting and will sign books for these individuals.  Brogan’s book and a DVD of the webinar will also be available for purchase to all audience members through Authorsway.com.


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