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Beauty: The Southern Living Showcase Home

I believe Social Media Club in Nashville is one of the most worthwhile things I choose to participate in.  Georgia Cross and Leah Mackey have done a great job with speakers and programs that help the social marketing professional and of course the networking is the best part. I always learn something new or meet someone I can learn from.

One such meeting was completely different.  It was held at The Southern Living Showcase Home at 913 Dorset Drive, Brentwood. Nancy McNulty publicist for the Nashville Southern Living Showcase Home and #smcnash member invited the social media club for a pre-tour opening.

One of Nashville’s top homebuilders, Castle Homes, has partnered with over a dozen of the area’s top interior designers and decorative artisans to create a French Country style, 4,926 sq ft. home with the latest design trends, green energy and technology with LP Building Products as the presenting sponsor.

Now not too many people may be in the market for a $1.2 million dollar home but most of us are looking for million dollar ideas and this home was filled with them.

From the elegant entrance I expected a stuffy “Brentwood Box” interior, boy was I wrong.  The home was definitely created with livability and entertaining in mind.  From the open floor plan that begged for a party to the covered porch with gas fireplace and HDTV that could be opened to the outside., designer Kristen Finney did a great job.  I especially loved the open layout to the kitchen with large “Calcutta Gold” marble work surfaces and the Sub-Zero refrigerator/freezer towers.

Each room is different but gives a sense of the whole.  Artwork by York & Friends Fine Art Gallery, www.ronyorkart.com,  lined the walls giving color and vibrancy to a neutral palette  At first all I could think of was dirty little finger prints until I realized all the furnishings and fabrics were made for rough and tumble family play.

One of my favorite things is the ability to control the home from an iPad. Off the foyer you will find the latest in InfinityEdge wall touchscreen system technology which can be run via an iPad – download the app. and go! (ACE Technologies of Brentwood/www.acealarms.com, 615-370-1600)

In the market for a new home or not, get out to the show!  You will not only get some great design ideas but you will be benefiting The Ronald McDonald House charities. Be sure you check-in on Facebook or Foursquare and Book From Birth Middle Tennessee will donate a book to Ronald McDonald House Nashville.  The home is open daily from 11 a.m. until 7 p.m. until Nov. 6.

For more information: http://www.castlehomes.com.



Life in Rural America: And other weird stuff

As some of you may know, I am part of the sandwich  generation. My husband and I are newly childless. (The last entered UNC Chapel Hill  last year.) We moved back home to Nashville after nine years in the Carolinas to start our marketing company and to be closer to John’s father who is  96 years old.

We are suffering all the trials and tribulations of business owners and the necessity of caring for John’s dad, Ben. Ben lives in Bruceton, Tennessee about an hour and a half west of Nashville, between Nashville and Memphis..  He lives on the 100 acre family complete with horses, chickens, etc. I lovingly call it meth-lab country.

We are fortunate that we can control our schedule for the most part and have set up a system of sitters, home healthcare and us.

I am not much of a farm girl but I am learning. I have decided to begin writing down the stories I have been hearing for years and the new ones that pop up every day. Enjoy!

This is what happened when we arrived at the farm Wednesday night.

Bruceton Farm Breaking News! 56 year old Joe Smith (name has been changed) was apprehended by the Bruceton police department trying to out  run them on Rolling Mill Road about 8 pm last night. Earlier that evening he had borrowed money for one gallon of gas at Q-mart. After hearing a loud bang (he hit a utility pole and darkened the entire neighborhood,) he was caught.

Fortunately no one was seriously injured. Earlier this year he walked into the Center Point Baptist Church with a shotgun and invited the parishioners to his Daddy’s funeral. Unfortunately, his Daddy had been dead for over a year.

He had an earlier run-in with the law after being caught with 2 small raccoons on his three-wheeler. It is Illegal to hunt wild game . It is our hope that when he is released he will once again be seen riding a lawnmower up and down Rolling Mill Road. You don’t need a license for a lawnmower in Carroll County.